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Cameron, Abigail E., North Carolina State University
Canak, William, Middle Tennessee State University
Candela, Ana Maria, Binghamton University (United States)
Caniglia, Beth Schaefer, Department of Sociology Oklahoma State University (United States)
Carlson, Jon D., UC Merced
Carlson, Jon D., University of California, Davis
Carlson, Jon D., Arizona State University
Carlson, Jon D. , Monmouth University
Carroll, William K. , University of Victoria
Carson, Colin, University of Victoria
Chakravartty, Paula, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Chandhoke , Neera, University of Delhi
Chandra, Siddharth
Chase-Dunn, Christopher, University of California, Riverside
Chase-Dunn, Christopher, University of California-Riverside (founding editor) (United States)
Chase-Dunn, Christopher, university of california-riverside (United States)
Chew, Sing C., Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ
Chew, Sing S. , Humboldt State University
Chibber, Vivek, New York University
Christensen, Julia
Ciccantell, Paul S., Western Michigan University
Ciplet, David, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Colorado Boulder
Clarno, Andy, University of Illinois at Chicago (United States)
Clawson, Dan, Univesity of Massachusetts, Amherst
Clellan, Donald A., University of Tennesse

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