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Taagepera, Rein, University of California, Irvine
Tabb, William K., Queens College, City University of New York
Talbot, John, Colby College
Talbot, John M. , University of the West Indies, Mona
Taylor, Peter J. , University of Newcastle
Taylor, Peter J., Northumbria University (United Kingdom)
Teivainen, Teivo, University of Helsinki
Teixeira, Stephanie M., North Carolina State University
Terlouw, Kees, Utrecht University
Therborn, Goran, University of Cambridge
Thomas, Alexander, SUNY College at Oneonta
Thombs, Ryan P, George Washington University (United States)
Thompson, William R., Indiana University
Timberlake, Michael, University of Utah (United States)
Timberlake, Michael, University of Utah
Tortosa, Jose Maria, Universidad de Alicante
Touraine, Alaine, Centre dÂ’Analyse et dÂ’Intervention Sociologiques
Trichur, Ganesh K., St. Lawrence University
Trichur, Ganesh, Bates College
Trichur, Ganesh K., The Brecht Forum
Turchin, Peter, University of Connecticut
Turner, Jonathan H., Department of Sociology Social Sciences of Media Studies Bldg. University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9430 USA and Institute for Theoretical Social Science P.O. Box 12 for Suite 21 135 Harbor Way Santa Barbara, CA 93109

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