Methodological Issues in Macro Comparative Research: An Introduction


  • Jeffrey Kentor University of Utah



This special issue of JWSR is the offspring of an ASA Political Economy of the World System session that I organized in 2007. My thanks to Andrew Jorgenson, co-editor of JWSR, who moderated the session and proposed that I put together a special issue on this topic. In turn, I asked Timothy Moran to join me as co-editor of this issue. Tim is one of the foremost quantitative macro-comparative sociologists in the country, and was the discussant on the PEWS panel. Tim provides a summary and discussion of the contributions in the conclusion. As it turns out, only two of the panel presentations are included in this issue. The other two were submitted in response to a general call for papers. All four manuscripts were peer reviewed.




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Kentor, J. (2009). Methodological Issues in Macro Comparative Research: An Introduction. Journal of World-Systems Research, 15(1), 1–2.



Methodological Issues in Macro Comparative Research