Le Neoliberalisme a L?Epreuve de la Crise des Subprimes


  • Sandye Gloria-Palermo University of Nice, France




The aim of this article is to analyse the ideological impact of the current financial and economic crisis upon the neoliberal values which predominate since the end of the 70s. The specificity of this economic crisis leads to a process of questioning on these values. This is far from being insignificant because cultural hegemony is reached when value judgements transform into assertions perceived as unquestionable, universal and natural. Up to now, there is no such a thing as an ideological revolution because all the economic interventions are justified on the ground of pragmatism. But at least, the current crisis allows the fundamental assertions of neoliberalism to come back to their value judgment status. Another important consequence of the crisis is that alternative value judgements also gain in legitimacy and audience. These conclusions are reached through an analysis of the various interventions actually implemented by governments and central banks and through the presentation of a selection of representative alternative visions of the current financial capitalist order.




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Gloria-Palermo , S. (2010). Le Neoliberalisme a L?Epreuve de la Crise des Subprimes. Journal of World-Systems Research, 16(2), 266–282. https://doi.org/10.5195/jwsr.2010.449



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