Building Dual Power for a Symbiotic Future


  • Barry Feldman
  • Mason Herson-Hord



Dual Power, Popular Institutions, Peoples' Assemblies


Radical democracy is a needed alternative to the formal representative democracy of Western societies where viable choices are constrained by the wealth and power of the ruling class. Dual power is a bottom-up strategy of building organic institutions of popular power within civil society instead of transient, disempowing electoral coalitions. These institutions of popular power can then come together, develop, and expand their own forms and spheres of governance to transcend the limits of neoliberalism and capitalism itself. It all starts where people live and work and with the alienation and everyday struggles of people everywhere.

Author Biographies

Barry Feldman

Barry Feldman is active in Symbiosis and Symbiosis member organization the Chicago Community Councils Working Group, which is currently focused on tenant union organizing.

Mason Herson-Hord

Mason Herson-Hord is a transit justice organizer with the Detroit bus riders organization Motor City Freedom Riders. He is also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, the Warren Junction Community Council, and Symbiosis, where he serves on its Coordinating Committee.


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