Chaos or ReOrder? The Future of Hegemony in a World-System in Upheaval


  • Joachim Karl Rennstich Fordham University



Observing the latest trends of a rise in interest in the development of power distribution in a world-system created and dominated by states but increasingly challenged as such, this paper takes a deeper look at the historical evolution of this system, its current transformation, and likely future development. After a brief discussion of prevalent concepts of world(-)system development and its socio-political control, this work offers an evolutionary perspective to place current changes of power and its distribution in the dynamic long-term development of global system formation. It then presents alternative visions of the future development of political and economic hegemony. It concludes that a further rise in instability of global political power distribution accompanied by a likely challenge to existing distributional patterns has a high probability of occurrence.




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Rennstich , J. K. (2005). Chaos or ReOrder? The Future of Hegemony in a World-System in Upheaval. Journal of World-Systems Research, 11(2), 209–238.



Globalizations from ‘Above’ and ‘Below’: the Future of World Society