Carrying on Samir Amin’s Legacy


  • Boris Kagarlitsky



Revolution, Progress, Left, Marxism, Soviet Union


Kagarlitsky argues, “The global defeat of the left has stimulated rapid corruption and degradation of the capitalist classes and, as a result, has aggravated all the contradictions and problems that the system faces. The collapse of the left movement has given rise to a more acute need for a socialist alternative than ever before in the past 50 years.” Yet, he notes that the situation for building left unity is now rather dire, as few countries have strong left parties and old left parties have lost their legitimacy and appeal. “[A] new political alternative can be neither invented nor constructed artificially or mechanically. Our task today is to collect and integrate the experience of the struggle (including the political one) accumulated in different countries. We are entering a period when bold strategic experimentation is needed.”




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Kagarlitsky, B. (2019). Carrying on Samir Amin’s Legacy. Journal of World-Systems Research, 25(2), 254–258.



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