Announcing New Issue of Journal of World-Systems Research Vol.24 Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2018


Our expanded JWSR editorial team is pleased to announce the publication of the Winter/Spring 2018 issue of the Journal of World-Systems Research (

Today’s headlines reveal deepening polarization pitting exclusionary and nationalist ideologies against demands for greater economic inclusion and equity. In this issue, authors help uncover some of the world-system dynamics shaping these conflicts in different regions, illustrating how global forces help fuel intolerance and prevent political leaders from articulating compelling alternatives to global capitalism. Our book review section features a special symposium on cities, highlighting some important new books addressing urban questions from a world-systems perspective. Finally, we celebrate the expansion of Journal of World-Systems Research as we launch a new section on world-historical information, integrating new content on historical data and methods of collecting and documenting them and on the ways historical data can enhance our analysis of the past and projection into the future.

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