Announcing the Winter/Spring 2023 JWSR Issue


Our JWSR editorial team is pleased to announce the publication of the Winter/Spring 2023 issue of the Journal of World-Systems Research.

Much of this issue takes up the topic of engaging with anti-systemic movements and anti-fascist movements in various ways, from the perspective of world history and the immediate present. In addition to a number of engaging includes a guest symposium by Marilyn Grell-Brisk and Christopher Chase-Dunn on “Complexity Theory and Physical, Biological, and Sociocultural Evolution;” as well as several of compelling pieces of new scholarship in our essays and commentaries sections.

The Journal of World-Systems Research is available free online at It is the official journal of the American Sociological Association’s section on Political Economy of the World-System and one of the most established scholarly, peer-reviewed, open access journals. Please help us spread the word about the issue and forward the details below to friends and colleagues.


Journal of World-Systems Research

Volume 29 Number 1
Winter/Spring 2023

Table of Contents

i           Andrej Grubačić and Rallie Murray | Editorial Note: The Twilight of our Times?


Marilyn Grell-Brisk | Introduction to the Symposium: Parasitism and the Logics of Anti-Indigeneity and Antiblackness

Albert J. Bergesen | Einstein’s Problem: Trans-Planetary Societies and the Special Theory of Relativity

Mark Paul Anthony Ciotola | A Thermodynamic Interpretation of the Progression of Historical Processes

David J. LePoire | Insights from General Complexity Evolution for our Current Situation


Aarushi Bhandari | Anti-Systemic Movements in the Attention Economy: Engaging the Cultural Political Economy Approach

Kristin Plys | Theories of Antifascism in the Interwar Mediterranean Part II: Autonomous Workers Movements and the Café Culture in Italy & Tunisia, 1922–1945

Andrzej Turkowski and Tomasz Zarycki | From Wallerstein to Rothschild: The Sudden Disappearance of the Polish School of Dependency Theory After 1989 as a Manifestation of Deeper Trans-formations in the Global Field of Social Science

Anthony William Donald Anastasi | Trapped In The Semi-Periphery: Understanding The Middle-Income Trap From a World-Systems Theory Perspective


Javier Ezcurdia and James Anderson | Reflections on Walden Bello: The Persecution of the Global Left Vis-À-Vis Intercommunal Solidarity During Hegemonic Crisis

Adrienne Pine | The Field is Upon Us: Anti-Fascist Anthropology as Ethical Imperative


Boaventura de Sousa Santos | The Silence of the Intellectuals

William Robinson | The Violent Crackup of the Post-WWII International Order: Notes on the Geopolitical Crisis and Global Capital


Eleanora Gea Piccardi | The Challenges of Building the World Women’s Democratic Confederalism: An Interview with Meral Çiçek from the Kurdish Women’s Movement


Creolizing the Modern: Transylvania Across Empires by Anca Parvalescu and Manuela Boatcă, reviewed by Miloš Jovanović

Creolizing the Modern: Transylvania Across Empires by Anca Parvalescu and Manuela Boatcă, reviewed by José Itzigsohn