The Past and the Future of the Developmental State

  • Amiya Kumar Bagchi Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta


Like most human institutionsthe family, the village, the city, the state, customs, laws, the nationthe developmental state was born longbefore anybody thought of naming it. There are debates about when it was born, whether all developmental states (as they are usually characterized)are properly labeled, and whether there have been developmental states overlooked literature. In this paper, it will be claimed, inter alia, that indeed there were developmental states long before economists, political scientists or historians recognized them as such, and that not all developmental states, as conventionally labeled, have been true members of the select club of developmental states.
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Bagchi, A. K. (2000). The Past and the Future of the Developmental State. Journal of World-Systems Research, 6(2), 398-442.