Impacts of Colonialism: A Research Survey

  • Patrick Ziltener University of Zurich
  • Daniel Kunzler University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Keywords: Colonialism, political, economic and social impacts, Africa, Asia


The impacts of colonialism in Africa and Asia have never been compared in a systematic manner for a large sample of countries. This research survey presents the results of a new and thorough assessment of the highly diverse phenomenon - including length ofdomination , violence, partition, proselytization, instrumentalization of ethno-linguistic and religious cleavages, trade, direct investment, settlements, plantations, and migration -organized through a dimensional analysis (political, social, and economic impacts). It is shown that while in some areas, colonial domination has triggered profound changes in economy and social structure, others have remained almost untouched.
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Ziltener , P., & Kunzler, D. (2013). Impacts of Colonialism: A Research Survey. Journal of World-Systems Research, 19(2), 290–311.
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