Ireland in the World-System: An Interview with Denis O'Hearn


  • Aidan Beatty
  • Sharae Deckard University College Dublin
  • Maurice Coakley Griffith College Dublin
  • Denis O'Hearn State University of New York, Binghamton



In this interview, Denis O’Hearn presents his views of Ireland’s historical and contemporary status in the capitalist world-system and which countries Ireland could be profitably compared with.  He discusses how Ireland has changed since the publication of his well-known work on "The Atlantic Economy" (2001) and addresses questions related to the European Union and the looming break-up of Britain as well as contemporary Irish politics on both sides of the border. O’Hearn also touches on the current state of Irish academia.

Author Biography

Aidan Beatty

Denis O'Hearn was trained as an economist and sociologist at the University of Michigan, where he received his Ph.D. in 1988. He worked for a number of years in the Sociology Department at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where he was Associate Professor, and at Queens University Belfast, where he was Professor of Economic Change. He has been Fulbright Professor of Sociology at University College Dublin and visiting scholar at several universities in the US, Europe and Japan. He is currently a Professor at SUNY-Binghamton.
His scholarly interests are in the sociology of economic change, Marxian and anarchist political economy, imprisonment, and exilic societies. He has published extensively in journals such as the American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Social Problems, Politics & Society, British Sociological Review, and elsewhere. His biography of Bobby Sands, "Nothing but an Unfinished Song", has appeared in multiple English editions and in French, Basque, Turkish, and Italian. His books have received many awards including the International Award ‘Citta ‘di Cassino Letterature dal Fronte,’ Italy; the Alessandro Tassoni Prize, Italy; and the American Sociological Association PEWS Distinguished Scholarship Award.

His latest book, with Andrej Grubacic, is Living at the Edges of Capitalism: Adventures in Exile and Mutual Aid (University of California Press, 2016).




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Beatty, A., Deckard, S., Coakley, M., & O’Hearn, D. (2016). Ireland in the World-System: An Interview with Denis O’Hearn. Journal of World-Systems Research, 22(1), 202–213.



Special Issue: Ireland in the World-System