On the Devolution of State Power: Comment on Wagar's "Praxis"

  • Salvatore Babones University of Sydney


When we examine Wagar 's proposition that a universal world-state might, ultimately, devolve the world-state's sovereignty upon its constituent communities,two questions come to mind. First, it seems natural to ask whether or not a particularist nation-statemight not do the same; that is to say, is a world-statea prerequisite for the devolution of state power? Second, and more basically, one may question whether it is likely or even possible that a state would devolve its sovereignty upon its constituents; we know that states have given up sovereignty in order to gain the advantages of membership in larger entities, but have the rulers of a state ever given up state power in favor of lower levels of organization?
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Babones, S. (1996). On the Devolution of State Power: Comment on Wagar’s "Praxis". Journal of World-Systems Research, 2(1), 49-53. https://doi.org/10.5195/jwsr.1996.76
Global Politics and the Future of the World-System