Conunents on Wagar' s "Toward a Praxis of World Integration"

  • Richard Schauffler National Center for State Courts


Warren Wagar's 1995 ASA paper is an attempt to articulate a view of global political praxis culminating in a "democratic, liberal, and socialist world commonwealth." This is an admirable idea, but do the ideas in that paper get us closer to its realization--I think not. As I will argue below, Wagar's paper is nothing more than the Third International writ large, a polemic on organizational form ironically tied to a Eurocentric Second International view of the world that appears to ignore the historical lessons of both efforts.
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Schauffler, R. (1996). Conunents on Wagar’ s "Toward a Praxis of World Integration". Journal of World-Systems Research, 2(1), 103-107.
Global Politics and the Future of the World-System