A Response


  • W. Warren Wagar Binghamton University




Let me begin by thanking everyone who commented on my ASA paper, "Toward a Praxis of World Integration," both those who were generally sympathetic to its thesis and those who were not. It is inconceivable to me that any two freethinking human beings living in our time could share the same preferred model of the good society. So of course I am not surprised that no one found every aspect of my vision appealing or that some found almost nothing to applaud. I would probably react to each of your utopias in muchthe same ways. Nonetheless, our species needs, perhaps more than anything else, to think together about where we want to go, and how, and why. Without tclos, how can we speak of praxis? And without praxis, what use is analysis? The point is to change the world and change it for the better.




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Global Politics and the Future of the World-System