Truncated 21st-Century Trajectories of Progressive International Solidarity


  • Patrick Bond University of Kwazulu-Natal



Samir Amin, the Bamako Appeal, Fifth Socialist International, World Forum for Alternatives, World Social Forum


Patrick Bond provides a biography of Amin’s work as a global political thinker and leader on the left. From his early days building the Third World Forum and establishing “origins of a South-centric organic intelligentsia with global visions” to his work with the World Social Forum process, Amin dedicated his life to trying to lay the foundations for a Fifth International. Bond notes Amin’s frustration with the extreme fragmentation and limited policy impacts of left struggles. Yet he points out some recent exceptions here in the successes of global South campaigns around the right to water, access to medicines and the right to health, and Via Campesina and MST’s success in building global resistance to corporate land grabbing.


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