Forum on Samir Amin's Proposal for a New International of Workers and People


  • Samir Amin



Samir Amin, Class Struggle, Fifth International, Social Movements


Amin argues that “[w]e are now in the phase of the ‘autumn of capitalism’ without this being strengthened by the emergence of ‘the people’s spring’ and a socialist perspective. …There is no alternative other than that enabled by a renewal of the international radical left, capable of carrying out—and not just imagining—socialist advances.” What is needed is “the lucid and organized intervention of the international front of the workers and the peoples.” He proposes the establishment of a “new Internationale” that consists of “an Organization… and not just a ‘movement’” or discussion forum (such as the World Social Forum process). Such an Internationale should draw from experiences of previous worker Internationales, and seek to apply lessons from this history to the current context.




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Amin, S. (2019). Forum on Samir Amin’s Proposal for a New International of Workers and People. Journal of World-Systems Research, 25(2), 247–253.



Forum: Samir Amin's Call for New International of Workers and Peoples