R. Scott Frey and the Unfinished Agenda of Unifying Economy and Environment in the World-System from Extraction to Waste


  • Paul K. Gellert University of Tennessee, Knoxville




Political economy, Environment, Extraction and waste, Inequality, Peripherality


This  essay discusses Scott Frey’s  contributions to our understanding of what he called environmental ‘anti-wealth,’ including his analysis of how it is spread to the peripheries of the world-system, and how Frey’s work intersects with other research, including the author’s own, on the ongoing extraction of value from peripheries. In addition to noting Scott’s generosity as a scholar and mentor, Gellert reflects on Scott’s unfinished agenda research agenda, focused on unifying commodification and waste in the world-system.


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In Memoriam: A Tribute to the Contributions of R. Scott Frey